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Military Dating Resources and Opportunities

How to Find the Right Dating Sites

Today, there are hundreds of dating sites online, many of which cater to specific types of people and occupations. One of the more recent type of dating site has been those focusing on Military and Armed Service men and women. Doing a quick search on Google for military dating or military singles will result in over 50,000 pages focusing on this specific niche in the online dating world.

Military Couple
Military Dating Sites connect thousands of enlisted men and women every year.

The benefits online dating in the military are considerable. Almost every month, over 20 million people visit and sign up for online dating services, with a good portion of those being military personnel. Military dating sites offer convenient ways for enlisted men and women to connect with others around the word - particularly since a lot of them move frequently and don't have access to the traditional 'dating hot spots' such as clubs, bars, mixers and other social gatherings. An enlisted soldier can login to a dating site and chat with singles from their home town, even when stationed on the other side of the United States or overseas.

Most military singles sites focus on different branches of the military so this site aims to educate would-be daters with the different sites available and which ones best suit their current branch and status in the military.

Military Dating Categories

Military dating sites may be divided into the following searchable categories:

  • Generic Military
  • Army
  • Marines
  • Navy
  • Air Force
  • Coast Guard
  • Civilian / Retired

Army Dating Sites

The US Army is the largest branch of the armed forces and makes up all of the land based military operations. Therefore it is no suprise that Army Dating Sites make up the majority of the dating sites on the net. Recent reports suggest that almost 20% of army personel have logged onto a dating site at least once with the vast majority of them using them continually, especially during deployment.

Marine Dating Sites

A subdivision fo the Navy, Marines are responsible for providing force project from the sea and utitlizing naval resources to rapidly deploy armed task forces. On the dating front, Marines can be found on a number of military dating sites as well as socializing on the larger social networks including Myspace and Facebook. You can identify whether or not you are socializing with a marine if they email you from a email address.

Navy Dating Sites

The United States Navy is the sea branch of the armed forces and is responsible for managing the militaries oceanic fleet. Naval soldiers often participate in dating websites when they are stationed on land, however, because a good part of their duty is at sea and under water, they may not always have access to the internet. Therefore, don't feel slighted if someone on a navy dating website doesn't respond to you for a few weeks - there is a good chance they are out serving their country. You can identify whether or not you are socializing with someone in the navy if they email you from a email address.

Air Force Dating Sites

The United States Air Force is the aerial, space and cyber warfare division of the US armed forces, primarily responsible for our manned air fleet. Like their Naval brothers, airmen and women in the USAF may not always have access to the internet to participate in online dating websites, however they are still quite active when stated state side. You can identify whether or not you are socializing with an airman if they email you from a email address.

Coast Guard Dating Sites

Operating under the Department of Homeland Security, the Coast Guard is responsible for maritime law enforcement state side. Along with the Army, they are among the most active on military dating sites as they often have access to the internet and thus can participate regularly in the online social scene.